Julio and company at h323HD, Inc., are seasoned professionals in the field of information technology. They are perfectionistic and meticulous about their work and always give 110%. Julio and company at h323HD, Inc., continuously go above and beyond the expectations of technical engineering support. Julio is proactive, and his expertise and ability to resolve conflicts at a moment’s notice are commendable. He has excellent people and problem solving skills. I have benefited from his knowledge and praise his technical savvy. Julio is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Olga E – New York, NY
I consider Julio and company at h323HD, Inc., experts in their field. They are extremely knowledgeable and are problem solvers. I have always found them to be result-oriented in a very pleasant, honest and customer service-friendly manner. h323HD, Inc., cares about getting the task at hand done correctly and efficiently. I highly recommend h323HD, Inc. highly.
Heather G – New York, NY
Julio is a gifted VC engineer with a vision into what really works within his organization. He is always thinking outside the box and constantly looking for ways to improve an already cutting-edge HD video network that he played an integral part in creating.
Ed M – New York, NY
Julio is professional, pleasant, efficient, a good communicator and reliable. I have come to depend on Julio and he has never let me down.
Melissa K – New York, NY
Julio at h323HD, Inc., is a very knowledgeable video admin with experience in using the Polycom suite of products. With minimal training, he was able to setup the video conferencing network at our company and expand it to what it is today. This includes conference room systems, desktop video and video infrastructure.
Jerry C – New York, NY
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“They are perfectionistic and meticulous about their work and always give 110%.”
h323HD, Inc., came into a bad video conferencing situation. When h323HD, Inc., walked through our doors they were able to work out issues and get systems running optimally. Julio was one of the techs onsite and has shown that he is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of video conferencing. h323HD, Inc., saved our company money by setting up our own video conference bridge for us. This gave us the ability to have more control of video quality as well as being able to connect through ISDN, private, or public internet. This also gave us the ability to link in an audio segment for outside people to be able to join in meetings while out of the office. We also have the ability to push both PC and DVD content through our systems. We currently have 5 video conference rooms in our building and numerous video conference setups in our satellite offices—both domestic and international.
Richard P – New York, NY
h323HD, Inc., is a highly intelligent, perceptive young company. They have outstanding organizational skills. h323HD, Inc., is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. Julio was the lead engineer onsite; he ensures its success by demonstrating leadership abilities that his colleagues admire and respect. I must also make note of their above-average performance as a direct result of their hard work and strong focus. There are not many companies out there like h323HD, Inc.
Joseph R – New York, NY
h323HD, Inc., provided state-of-the-art HD video collaboration and production services for our media clients across the enterprise. Their dedication, expertise and technical ability serve us well.
Ed C – New York, NY
h323HD, Inc. are top-notch audio, video and video conference professionals. They have an uncanny ability for taking on new challenges while producing excellent results. h323HD, Inc., is without a doubt in the upper echelon of video conference integrators in NYC.
Allen R – New York, NY
Julio at h323HD, Inc., is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever worked with in the field of multimedia and multimedia services. Most importantly, he is able to take that knowledge and apply it. His cool and calm demeanor serves him well—a class act all the way. He is an asset to any h323hd, Inc.
Dennis C – New York, NY
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“…An uncanny ability for taking on new challenges while producing excellent results.”
h323HD, Inc. is a detailed and organized company. I am proud to have worked with them on my project. Their work was very precise and always on time. They were always willing to lend a hand and would often go the extra mile to make a customer happy. The customer’s high expectations were always met. Thank you for making the project seem as easy as you made it out to be. I know it wasn’t. Thank you.
Loftus H – New Jersey
H323HD, Inc., is a very professional, responsive, and congenial company to work with. I found the service they provided was excellent and done in an intelligent way.
Kell J – Brooklyn, NY
I highly recommend h323HD, Inc. I have worked with the owners and senior engineers for a few years now. From setting up my business with video conferencing, to support, h323HD, Inc., has always been dependable, straightforward and honest. h323HD Inc. has always been forthright with costs and hours billed. I’m happy to recommend them to anyone seeking business of audio and video conferencing support, upgrades and integrations.
Jon G – New York, NY
I have had the pleasure of hiring this independent consulting principal for my direct end client, and thus far they have provided outstanding professional services. My client is very pleased with the progress they are making and the direction in which h323HD, Inc., will be taking them to prepare for a robust video conferencing system! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to invest in video conferencing or do system and room upgrades.
Alan A – White Plains, NY
h323HD, Inc., is a pleasure to work with. All of the design and integration that went into our multi-purpose conference room is great. Everything is working great. You guys did great work. No issues at all.
Mike T – New York, NY
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